Liver & Bacon Bones Natural Dog Treats

Liver & Bacon Bones Natural Dog Treats


Liver and Bacon Bones Natural Dog Treats, what more could a dog ask for? Each pack contains 250grams (25-30 Bones).

Ingredients: Semolina, Oats, Liver, Organic Bacon, Bran, Beef stock, Pig Fat

Typical Analysis: Protein 16.7 g/100gm - Oil 6.7 g/100gm - Fibre 1.5 g/100gm - Moisture 6.6 g/100gm - Ash 2.1 g/100gm. Total meat content 43 %

Shelf life of 6 months

Benefits of Poochs Dog Treats:

Tasty, Nutritious & Low in Fat
Contain Additives, Preservatives, Colourings or Flavourings
Gluten & Dairy Free alternatives available
Hand Made with Human Grade Ingredients
Contain at least 40% Real Meat/100grams
Make the Ideal Gift
Can be Frozen & Retain their Crunchiness once Defrosted

We are proud of our county and the abundance of its fresh quality produce and we like to reflect this in our dog biscuits. Poochs get their meat direct from their Norfolk supplier - fresh Norfolk Beef and Pork. Venison comes directly from Holkham Hall, North Norfolk. Seasonally Poochs' apples and fish too come from Norfolk!

Poochs dog treats are packaged in bags made from renewable resources which are biodegradable.

Freshly baked by Poochs in Norfolk, please allow up to 7 days for delivery.