Doggy Day Care with Chelsea Dogs

Many of us have to go to work everyday or have busy life-styles that make taking the time to walk and play with our dogs difficult on a daily basis. Dogs are naturally pack animals and so must be given the chance to interact with other dogs regularly. Whether they play with other dogs briefly in the park or meet a dog passing by on the street, this is often not enough for your dog. 

A day on doggy day care with Chelsea Dogs provides your dog with a fun packed adventure day! Your dog will spend the day with a group of dogs in a safe and secure environment. They will have lots of play time and a minimum of two good walks during the day with a maximum of 4 other dogs at one time. 

Doggy Day Care at Chelsea Dogs

For young dogs, socialisation is essential education and a couple of days of day care with Chelsea Dogs during the week is the perfect way for your dog to learn these life skills. A dog that has not been socialised is likely to become aggressive towards other dogs and even humans later in life and this can be difficult to correct so prevent it by giving your dog the chance to play and exercise as part of a pack from an early age. At day care, there is plenty of human attention too so your dog will get used to being around all sorts of different people. This can help with over excited dogs who jump up at people when they try to greet the dog.

Play time at Chelsea Dogs with Crumble and Bleecker

Exercise is essential for every dog. Dogs who do not get to release all their energy by running or playing with other dogs are likely to become destructive around the house and constantly seek attention. Chelsea Dogs promise to bring home a happy, healthy well-socialised and exercised dog every evening so you will be welcomed home by a relaxed dog that is a pleasure to be around. Chelsea Dogs take extra care to monitor puppies exercise as it is essential not to over exercise your puppy as this can damage bone development.  Puppies should also be restricted from going up and down stairs until they are around 6 months of age.

Buster and Ernie on day care River dog walk at Chelsea Dogs

Doggy day care at Chelsea Dogs is a haven for dogs, providing lots of love, care and attention in very safe and comfortable surroundings. Chelsea Dogs can only accept a small number of dogs on day care at a time as space is limited to maintain safety and comfort, so please call or email to check availability.

Normal collection times are between 8:00-9:30AM and drop off is between 3-4PM.

Please contact us for more information and to check availability.