World’s Fattest Dachshund Gets Skin Removal Surgery

Written by Alessia

Obie, a five year old Doxie embarked on a mission to lose 40 pounds or more to change his life. A once obese dog, Obie is well on his way to being a normal sized, happy dog again. He has lost enough weight now that he was eligible for a skin removal surgery (Extreme Weight Loss with Chris Powell, anyone?) and his biggest loser mission has become that much easier. See his progress here, and scroll down for before and after pictures.



After initial weight loss, before surgery:
obieskin obieskin2


obiesurgery obie6

Luckily for Obie, his new owner who helped him lose all of his weight is loving and caring and knew that Obie needed some help with his journey. Dogs will eat as long as you put something in front of them, so it’s so important to make sure that you are keeping your dog healthy through diet and exercise. It’s great for Obie that he has lost tons of weight, but he should not have had to go through this in the first place. Keep your dogs healthy!

Alessia xx

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