Video: The funniest guilty dogs

Written by Bronwyn Hall

You know that guilty expression that your dog does every time it’s in the wrong? You know, that one guilty look that comes when they’ve chewed your slipper/pooped in the house/barked at the postman?

Our dog has a guilty look that is brought on by three simple words: ‘What is this?’ These words are usually uttered after having found another chewed up shoe or half eaten blusher. Sometimes ‘What is this?’ happens due to a suspicious wet patch on the carpet. Or, sometimes, ‘What is this?’ is brought on by finding something that was once in the bin and is now in the dog bed. Whenever it is said, though, it always evokes the same guilty response: belly to the ground, ears back and no direct eye contact.

These guilty looking dogs also have some hilarious expressions when confronted by their owners:


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