Two Legged Dog Running on the Beach

Written by Alessia

I’m not sure why this video made me sob, but it definitely did. Duncan is a Boxer who goes to the beach for the first time with his friend, Mane. But Duncan isn’t an ordinary dog running on the beach, he is a two legged dog running on the beach just like he would if he had four, or even three. He is an amazing inspiration, and the people at panda paws rescue have really captured that with this video. Duncan was born with a deformity in his hind legs that resulted in them being amputated. He has a wheelchair, but isn’t a huge fan of it, so they let him walk and this is what resulted. He is such an amazing dog who is overcoming an unfortunate situation and inspiring people and dogs everywhere. He’s so fast on those two legs, he really knows what he’s doing.



So awesome.

Alessia xx

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