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Top 10 items for your new puppy

Written by Bronwyn Hall

Getting a new four legged family member can be daunting. Here are the top 10 items for your new puppy that will make the transition as smooth as possible.

  1. A gorgeously comfortable bed for your pup to settle in on their first night. Unless you’re very naughty and – like me – sneak them into the bed against your husband’s pleas. This lovely bed from Joules is comfy and beautiful.
  2. A comfy crate to become their new lair isn’t a must, however, if you do intend to crate train them I’d recommend getting one sooner rather than later. Labradors and Lords have made some cosy crate covers to go over theirs. image
  3. Food and water bowls are possibly one of my favourite things to shop for. There’s so much choice; whether you’d like them to be personalised, high rise or quirky.
  4. Some yummy treats to get your training off on a good foot! Buy some nutrient rich treats to keep your puppy in tip top condition.
  5. A handmade and dishwasher safe treat jar is a must! It’ll soon become your pups favourite item – full of yummy treats! These ones are gorgeous and can also be personalised.
  6. A suitable and beautiful collar and lead set for when your puppy is allowed out for walks. You may want to opt for a harness too. image (1)
  7. It is the law that your dog wears a tag with your details. Along with microchipping, it is the most effective way for you to be reunited should your little one get lost. So get a gorgeous, engraved tag!
  8. Some soft and safe toys. These should show your pup what is theirs to chew (i.e not the sofa). You can even get ones for when they’re teething! image (2)
  9. A puppy-sized coat to keep your new friend warm and cosy on his walks. Remember, at this young age your pup will be closer to the floor than they will be again – so get shorty something mud proof!
  10. A glass of wine. Okay, okay this isn’t for your puppy at all! Getting a new addition to your family can be exciting and fun but also stressful and worrying. Treat yourself to a large glass to congratulate yourselves at the end of your first week!

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