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The Most Ridiculous Dog Product

I have found the most ridiculous dog product in the world. Like. It’s a real thing, even though while you’re watching it, you can’t believe your eyes. There just seems like there can be no way that this commercial is for a real product rather than a gag for the internet. However, upon further inspection, there is a website, and a real phone number. This thing is for real, guys. It’s called the PooTrap, and it’s basically a harness for your dog’s tush. Yup.


You attach a bag to the harness somehow, the bag has strings, and as soon as your dog poops in it, you pull it off the harness and it ties up. But really, my biggest question here isn’t even about how people would really go through the steps of harnessing their dog’s butt, or even installing the bag and pulling it away. It’s how in the world did these people creating this commercial find four to six different dogs to demonstrate the product and actually stand still with that thing on them?! Lucas would be running in circles until the bag was in his mouth, then he’d poop all over the sidewalk to spite me.

If this helps any one person who reads this and they go on to buy it, I will consider my life a success. If no one does, and everyone just gets a laugh at the commercial below, I’ll just continue to be glad that I found this gem.

Alessia xx

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