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The Fox and The Hound

Written by Alessia

One of my favorite Disney films growing up was, and still is, The Fox and The Hound. I love everything about it, and I think that this movie was part of the reason for my deep rooted love for dogs and other animals. In this Buzzfeed article, the real life fox and hound are showcased. Tinni the dog and Sniffer the fox are best friends who play, cuddle, and hang out together in the Norwegian Forest. The pictures in the article are just beautiful, and really showcase a strong love between the two different species of animals. The owner of Tinni, also the photographer of these pictures, wants to create a children’s book using the photos, and has mentioned that he would like to donate a part of the proceeds to organizations that protext animals like Sniffer the fox, especially in terms of fur. I think that’s awesome, and these pictures are just beautiful. More about the book and more pictures are in the article, posted with permission from the author, but here are a couple to hold you over until the page loads.

fozandhound2 foxandhound
Heart, puddle, floor.

Alessia xx

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