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Theodore with Thirsty Milo Orange Travel Dog Bowl
Written by Chelsea Dogs

It’s the summer and many of you are planning a lovely holiday and taking your dog along too. Whether you will be travelling by car, caravan, ferry, boat or foot it is essential that your dog (and you) stay well hydrated. Our resident top dog Theodore has been testing out travel dog bowls and chosen a clear favourite. The winner is the Thirsty Milo Portable Dog Bowl! Available in a bright sunburst orange or pink for the girls, this travel dog bowl has so many great features!

Thirstly Milo Travel Dog Bowls

Easy to fill – with a large aperture of 120mm makes it easy to fill and gives easy drinking access for dogs of all sizes.

Accessible – Designed with a large aperture of 120mm to provide easy and comfortable access for large, medium and small sized dogs.

Easy to use – just fill up with 1.5 litres of water, screw down the top, portable where ever and open when needed. Simple.

Truly Portable – No need for a bowl and a bottle. No need to waste and throw water away. H20 where you need it, when you need it.

Superior Volume – Did we mention it holds 1.5 litres of clean drinking water to see you through the day? Theodore is a BIG drinker and 1.5 litres is more than enough to keep him happy.

Functional – Stable when in use on the floor. It doesn’t need to be held and won’t collapse if stood on or knocked. Easy access for all sizes of dog.

Quality – Constructed of the same grade plastics demanded in government standards for use in the production of human food and drink containers.

Style – A contemporary fun and fresh design available in a growing range of colours all designed to be as individual and unique as you and your dog. Currently available in sunburst orange and pink from our online store.

Strong – We’re not saying they’re indestructible though they have been designed and redesigned to withstand frequent long term use to give trouble free service in the rough and tumble world of dog ownership.

Easy to clean – Simply fill with mild soapy water, give it a shake and thoroughly rinse clean. Or pop it in the dishwasher (if you have one…)!

Convenience – No more precious time wasted hunting around. With a Thirsty Milo portable dog water bowl you have the right tool for the right job just when you need it…

Recyclable – At the end of its life span the bowl can be recycled to be as friendly to the environment as possible.

UV resistant – To keep it’s fantastic colours fade free for longer and prevent the bowl becoming brittle.

Hygiene – A dog with a healthy immune system should be able to tolerate sharing a communal water source and only a few diseases such as Canine Papilloma Virus are readily passed through sharing drinking water. However should a dog infected with any of the diseases below contaminate by sneezing in or introducing faeces to the water, a susceptible dog with a weakened, compromised, immature or aging immune system could become ill/infected.

Health – Dogs with illnesses such as diabetes may need and want to drink plenty of clean, fresh water.

2 year guarantee – Against manufacturing defect.

Floats – That’s right it’s been designed to float (with the lid on), even when full, so it’s ideal for boating and fishing so you have don’t have to say good bye if it ends up in the water..

Thoroughly tried and tested by Theodore, this excellent travel dog bowl gets the paw of approval and is available for purchase from our online shop by clicking here.

Theodore with Thirsty Milo Orange Travel Dog Bowl

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