Teach Your Dog To Crawl

Written by Alessia

Teaching your dog to crawl can pave the way for other neat tricks, like playing dead, or being sneaky, but also reinforces the lay down command and general obedience. It’s a command set at moderate difficulty for your dog to learn, but once he has the foundation of the lay down command, you should have him crawling in no time.

crawling dog

Step one: Command your pooch to lay down in front of you.

Step two: with treat in hand and near his head on the floor, coax him forward. Every time he gets up to follow the treat, re command him to lay down. At the first signs of crawling, treat him and say “crawl”.

Step three: repeat steps one and two until your dog crawls further and further for the treat. Keep putting more distance between the two of you, making sure to use the crawl command and treat him as you go.

Step four: Use the command crawl, and treat him when he obeys. If he still needs more coaching, repeat steps one through three again until he really has them down.

Now that you have a crawling dog you can get him to retrieve the lost television remote under the couch! Happy days!

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