Spaniel survivor of Charlie Hebdo massacre becomes mascot

Written by Bronwyn Hall

A Cocker Spaniel who survived the Charlie Hebdo massacre that saw 12 people killed has become the company mascot.

On January 7th 2015, when two armed terrorists made their way into the building, Lila the golden Cocker Spaniel was with her favourite cartoonist, Jean Cabut. Sadly, Cabut was murdered during the attack which shocked millions around the globe.

The brave Spaniel was witness to the tragic events that unfolded that day and experienced first hand the horrifying aftermath. Lila had come into the office as usual in the morning and had greeted staff members and visitors warmly. However, Cabut had something that particularly interested Lila – a dried ham for the meeting later that day. She stuck close by him.

Anais Ginori - Twitter

Anais Ginori – Twitter

Sigolene Vinson – who is the crime reporter for Charlie Hebdo – gave a harrowing interview for a French newspaper. In it, she recounted what happened during and after the shooting. Vinson says that following the shooting, Lila walked from room to room attempting to find her lost loved ones. ”As I lay there, not sure if [the terrorists] were really gone, shots rang out in the distance, in the street. And then I heard Lila with her tiny steps.”

One week on and Lila can be found back at the Charlie Hebdo offices. She now wears a ribbon around her neck emblazoned with the viral slogan ‘Je suis Charlie.’



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