Sniffy’s 100% Natural, Gluten Free And Low Fat Dog Treats

by Chelsea Dogs

We are so pleased to announce that we are now stocking the lip-smacking range of Sniffy’s 100% Natural, Gluten Free And Low Fat Dog Treats!

These healthy bites for dogs are handmade by Sniffy’s here in the UK with only the freshest ingredients. All of their dog treats have less than 5% fat. Great news for pups who are watching their figures or have sensitive tummies.

Sniffy's All Natural Dog Treats Gluten Free

Everything Sniffy’s make is Gluten Free and Hypoallergenic to make sure they are as kind as possible to your furry friend. Sniffy’s also air dry their dog treats to make sure all the goodness of the ingredients stays locked in.

Sniffy's Natural Dog Treats

Sniffy’s eat dog biscuits. Yes that’s right, they personally test everything! If it’s not good enough for us then it’s not good enough for your dogs. And as you would expect from Chelsea Dogs, the range of Sniffy’s dog treats had to pass our panel of testers lead by Top Dog Theodore who didn’t hesitate in giving them the paws up!

It goes without saying that all Sniffy’s dog treats have absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives – they guarantee that there are no hidden nasties in Sniffy’s!

Our bites also use no animal by products. Because of this we can ensure that their fat and salt content are as low as possible.

Ok, enough about that, let’s talk flavours. First up we have Theodore’s favourite Apple and Ginger:

Sniffy's All Natural Dog Treats Apple and Ginger Gluten Free

Sniffy’s All Natural Apple and Ginger Dog Treats are tasty, aromatic and crunchy bites containing specially selected oils and are made with the tummy in mind. Apples are a sweet source of goodness whilst friendly Ginger soothes.

Next is Pea and Mint:
Sniffy's All Natural Dog Treats Pea and Mint Gluten Free

Sniffy’s All Natural Pea and Mint Dog Treats are small enough to crunch (good for those canines) but big enough to help the smelliest of breaths due to the added Irish seaweed and homegrown Mint. Combine this with specially selected oils (for their Omega 3) and the protein of the good old British Pea and you’re onto a winner!

And finally, Carrot and Polenta:

Sniffy's All Natural Dog Treats Carrot and Polenta Gluten Free

Sniffy’s All Natural Carrot and Polenta Dog Treats are crunchy, great for your dog’s canines and promote a great looking coat with specially selected oils and they contain all the goodness found in the humble British Carrot. What more could your dog want?

We know you don’t need any more convincing about how good these treats are for your dog but we don’t want you just to take our word for it so here’s a short video that just proves what we’ve been saying:

So, we bet you’re thinking, wow, these dog treats sound amazing, I bet they are expensive. Well, you’d be wrong….. very wrong! Each 70g box of Sniffy’s dogs treats is only £2.50! What are you waiting for? Head over to the shop now to place your order. Just click here to view the selection of Sniffy’s natural dog treats.

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