Siberian Husky 101

by Alessia

This video is all about the cold-weather Siberian Husky. This cold weather dog is from the extreme Northeast of Sibera and was developed to work in harsh conditions. These dogs were brought to Alaska to be sled dogs because they love to work and be out in the cold. They have strong, insulated paws for the cold and for traction and digging, and a double layer coat. They can withstand temperatures up to -60* F, and somehow maintain their metabolism so that they have energy for hours and hours (but scientists can’t figure out how!) My favorite thing about the Siberian Husky are the breed’s beautiful light colored eyes, which unfortunately like Labradors, are prone to issues (along with their hips). These dogs are family dogs who love children and being outside. I think they’re one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs, and I’m sure they would be loving the polar vortex in Northeast America right now as much as I’m hating it!

Alessia xx

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