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Say Hello to ByBenji Biltong, the Tasty Raw Treats for Dogs!

Written by Melissa Keen

Chelsea Dogs are proud to introduce ByBenji Biltong, the tasty high-protein treat made especially for dogs!

ByBenji is a RAW meat treat and is the very first DEFRA registered manufacturer of bilton for pets in the UK.

Inspired by the traditional South African delicacy for humans, ByBenji uses the highest-quality pure silverside of beef to create their nutritious treat. It’s marinated with their own blend of herbs before being naturally air cured to infuse the beef with lots of flavour.

Delicious, nutritious and packed with unadultered goodness, ByBenji treats are free from sugars, additives, gluten, soya, wheat, carbs, corn, colourings, and artificial flavours.

They’re also packed with protein, low in salt and low in fat, making them a healthy treat as well as tasty.

Ideal for every dog from puppies to pensioners, they’re also great for your dog’s teeth as they encourage active chewing and help clean teeth and gums; they’re the healthy, safe option to rawhide and other potentially hazardous chews.

Check out the new range here!

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