Puppy Distracts His Friend

by Alessia

In this short but hilarious video, a clever puppy distracts his friend by throwing a ball across the room as bait so that he can grab the chew toy that his friend is already playing with. Like watching toddlers cleverly gain access to the toys that their friends are playing with, because at that age everything is a sort of competition and jealousy plays a factor, these dogs are the toddlers of pooches. The video shows this sly devil’s careful consideration of his friend on the floor with the desired toy, and then he picks up a ball and launches it across the room. His friend eagerly gets up to see what the ball was doing, and in competition with the other pooch, gets up to grab it. Little did he know that he’d been punked, lured into a trap, taken for a fool.

The only thing that could have possibly been better about this video is if the dog were actually tricking a cat, but we can’t have everything.

Alessia xx

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