Cuteness Overload

Puppy Can’t Get Up

Written by Alessia

This adorable little French bulldog puppy has given new meaning to “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. I literally could not deal with the amount of cuteness in this video, despite how bad I felt bad I felt for this pooch. He tries as he might to get back over to his belly and onto his feet, but he just rolls around looking cute as ever for an entire minute (and I think this was a shortened version – poor little pup). Watch and laugh, but then also make sure that your small furry friends never manage to get into this situation (unless you have a camera ready).

Alessia xx

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I'm Alessia, owner of a rottweiler/beagle mix named Lucas (aka Lucifer - you can put two and two together on why he gets that nickname). I love all things dogs and puppies, among many other things such as babies, coffee, and nail polish. I like to write a lot and take loads of pictures, so blogging is right up my alley. Look out for posts by me on this blog, as well as my personal blog.