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Precious Pets: Luxury Dog Shampoos And Perfumes

Written by Chelsea Dogs

There are so many brands of luxury dog shampoo on the market making it tough to find one that ticks all the boxes. Fear not, we’ve gone and done it for you!

We are thrilled to introduce the fantastic range of luxury conditioning dog shampoos and perfumes by Precious Pets.

Precious Pets Luxury Dog Shampoos and Perfumes

Unlike other shampoos for pets, Precious Pets products are made to human grade quality from naturally derived ingredients right here in the UK. They contain no sulphates or parabens and won’t strip the natural oils of the coat or skin.

Precious Pets Luxury Dog Shampoos and Perfumes

The range includes a hypoallergenic scent free shampoo for dry and itchy skin, suitable for dogs with hyper-sensitive skin and young puppies. As a natural alternative to medicated, it is a popular product amongst veterinary clinics.



The accompanying natural range of Eau de Toilettes for dogs by Precious Pets are scented with signature essential oil blends to match their shampoo range. They are moisturising coconut based perfumes and, unlike other natural perfumes, entirely alcohol free, so do not dry the skin or coat. Designed to be used between washes or to strengthen and enhance the shampoo scents, they leave a strong natural scent.

Vanilla Dreams

Vanilla Dreams shampoos and perfumes are scented with the comforting and delicate essential oils of Benzoin, Bergamot & Ylang Ylang that emulate the indulgent and dreamy spa experience.

Precious Pets Vanilla Dreams Naturally Derived Dog Shampoo


Country Garden

Country Garden dog shampoos and eau de toilettes are scented with the calming, fresh essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary & Juniper Berry that emulate a beautiful & fragrant Country Garden.

Precious Pets Country Garden Naturally Derived Dog Shampoo


Citrus Sunshine

Citrus Sunshine shampoos and perfumes contain Sweet Orange, Lime and Grapefruit calming essential oils to enhance the natural qualities of your dog’s coat, making it look and feel beautiful, whilst smelling naturally gorgeous.

Precious Pets Citrus Sunshine Naturally Derived Dog Shampoo


Woodland Walk

Woodland Walk dog shampoos and eau de toilettes contain an essential oil blend of Patchouli, Geranium & Lavender. Suitable for sensitive skin, puppies and all coat types.

Precious Pets Woodland Walk Luxury Conditioning Dog Shampoo


The entire range of Precious Pets luxury dog shampoos and perfumes can be purchased online at as well as some lovely gift sets and miniature travel sets.

Precious Pets Miniature Travel Size Shampoo Gift Set 4 x 30ml

Precious Pets Miniature Travel Size Shampoo Gift Set 4 x 30ml Precious Pets Miniature Travel Set Luxury Dog Shampoos


Browse the full collection of Precious Pets luxury dog shampoos and grooming products by clicking here.


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