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Our Top 10 Dog Toys

Written by Alexandra Nash

You buy dog toys because you are looking for a great way to help your dog to have fun. Their joy naturally brings a lot of joy to your life. This is why it is highly important to make sure that you are getting the best dog toys possible. Here are the top 10 dog toys and why your dog will love them.

10. Cristail Champagne 1997 Plush Dog Toy

This dog toy is a fun way to bring your dog in on the festivities. Not only is the toy in the shape of a champagne bottle, but it also has the labels stitched right into the toy. Also featuring a squeaker and a plush outside, your dog will surely enjoy this luxurious toy.

Cristail Champagne 1997 Plush Dog Toy | Chelsea Dogs

9. Luxury London Taxi Black Cab Plush Dog Toy

Does your dog enjoy barking at the capital taxis, dreaming of the day they will finally catch one? Let them have hours of fun playing with this plush version of the black taxis found throughout London complete with squeaker.

Luxury London Taxi Black Cab Plush Dog Toy | Chelsea Dogs

8. Linen Bone Dog Toy Labrador Stripes

These handmade dog toys are as attractive as they are fun for your dog to play with. The black and white Labrador stripes are just one of the three linen covers you can choose from. The squeaker inside will provide ample entertainment for your dog while the linen cover makes it something you will not mind finding throughout your home.

Linen Bone Dog Toy Labrador Stripes | Chelsea Dogs

7. Luxury Organic Hypoallergenic Lion Ring Dog Toy

If you and your dog are concerned about the environment, this toy is made just for you. All of the materials used do not use toxic substances. In addition, the squeaker enhanced dog toy is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for even dogs with allergies.

Luxury Organic Hypoallergenic Lion Ring Dog Toy | Chelsea Dogs

6. Stagbar 100% Natural Antler Dog Chew Large

Dogs who love to chew need something that is safe and can also be healthy and that is exactly what you will find in these natural antlers. Antlers fall off every year and can be harvested safely and humanely to provide your dog with a natural chewing toy that provides protein and a natural way to clean your dog’s teeth.

Stagbar 100% Natural Antler Dog Chew | Chelsea Dogs

5. Dogverse All Paw Dog Toy

If you are tired of losing all of your favourite shoes to your dog, give your dog a shoe you don’t mind being destroyed. The squeaker in the plush sneaker provides hours of fun for your dog. The style that mocks the actual shoe makes it a fun addition to your home.

Dogverse All Paw Converse Sneaker Dog Toy | Chelsea Dogs

4. Sniffany & Co Box Dog Toy

Everyone likes to get nice things and seeing a little blue box usually means you just received something extra-nice. Your dog can now understand that joy when they sink their teeth into this plush blue box complete with ribbon and squeaker.

Sniffany and Co Box Tiffany Box Dog Toy | Chelsea Dogs

3. Linen Bone Dog Toy Emily Bond Union Jack

English pride is not just for the flagpole any longer. This Union Jack decorated linen dog bone not only looks great in your home, but the squeaker inside means that your dog will be able to enjoy playing with the bone for hours.

Linen Bone Dog Toy Emily Bond Union Jack | Chelsea Dogs

2. Stagbar Antler Multi Chew Dog Toy

Dogs like variety and this toy delivers on that. Every component of the chew toy is 100% natural including the naturally shed deer antler, natural rubber ring and unbleached rope. The three different chewing textures help your dog to have fun while chewing their way to cleaner teeth.

Stagbar Multi Chew Antler Dog Toy | Chelsea Dogs

1. IPaw’d Dog Toy

Keep your dog in the technology game with the latest development in tablet “soft”ware. This plush dog toy comes fully loaded with embroidered apps like DogTube, LocalTreats, FaceBark, SaFurri, and Bark Street Journal.

i'Pawd iPad Dog Toy | Chelsea Dogs

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