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Nobody Knows You’re A Dog

Written by Lucas

On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. Unless you make it obvious. Like I do. Oh, rats. Well, most of the time, nobody knows you’re a dog because they can’t see you in front of them. This week’s comic is an illustration of the proof that dogs could do just about anything they wanted on the internet and nobody would even know, because nobody knows you’re a dog. This has mischievous written all over it, and if you know me, you know that I love getting into loads a bit of mischief every now and then. This famous cartoon by Peter Steiner of the New Yorker has got all kinds of gears in my pooch brain turning.


Thanks, Petey!


About the author


I'm a lean little pup from New York with a passion for shoes, napkins, and peanut butter. I like causing trouble, and I get away with it because, well look at me, I'm adorable. My humans are constantly screaming my name followed by "drop it" (this is when I know they want to see my best dance moves, so I chase my tail), or "be quiet" (they try to help me with my spying abilities as much as possible when I'm peeking out the window staring at our neighbors). I love making my humans chase me, and hanging out with all of my friends in the neighborhood. I am constantly checking my twitter while my humans are out at work, so say hi to me there!