New Mutts and Hounds Dog Collars, Harnesses and Toys 2016

by Chelsea Dogs
Mutts and Hounds Blue Tweed Dog Harness

Following on from the release of their new range of dog beds, we thought it only right to share the new Mutts and Hounds dog collars, harnesses and toys to match. In the same range of lovely blue fabrics, Mutts and Hounds have also expanded their range of bone shaped dog toys, dog harnesses and of course a stunning new blue tweed and leather dog collar and lead.

Mutts and Hounds Dog Collars In Teal Tweed And Leather

mutts and hounds dog collar and lead blue tweed

mutts and hounds dog collars and lead in blue tweed 2016

Mutts and Hounds Luxury Teal Tweed Dog Harness

Blue tweed dog harness by Mutts and Hounds
mutts and hounds dog harness blue tweed

Mutts and Hounds Luxury Mint Check Cotton Dog Harness

mint check dog harness M&H
mint check dog harness M&H

Finally the range of fabric in these luxury dog toys.

blue tweed dog toy
blue stripe dog toy M&H
mint check designer dog toy mutts and hounds
duck egg blue dog toy
Mutts and Hounds Dog Toys New 2016

To browse and shop the full range of Mutts and Hounds dog collars, harnesses and toys click here.

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