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Misa The Mini Yorkshire Terrier Does Lots Of Tricks

I found this video of a tiny dog who can do loads of tricks and she’s only 22 weeks old!! My humans now have a bucket list of tricks that they want to train me to do! I thought I could do loads of cool moves but after watching this video I think I have a lot to learn! I hope you enjoy watching Misa the mini yorkie do all her tricks, she’s a pretty cool chick, shame she lives across the pond! Maybe my cousin Lucas will meet her one day!

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Hi, i'm Theodore - Top Dog at Chelsea Dogs! I am one lucky black Labrador that gets to try, taste and sample lots of amazing doggy accessories for my humans. Only if I give the paw of approval will they appear on our wonderful dog boutique site. My favourite toy is by far a tennis ball and my favourite things to sample are of course anything edible! I also surf the net in search of amazing funny or cute videos that I love to share with you all on this blog. I also give out some very good doggy advice! x