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Memory Foam Dog Crate Sets – Chelsea Dogs Blog

Memory Foam Dog Crate Sets

by Chelsea Dogs
memory foam dog crate sets

A first in the luxury pet market, these memory foam dog crate sets are a cut above the rest. Whilst you would have seen our oh so popular designer crate sets with polyester fill cushion beds, we now offer them with an orthopaedic mattress option.

Why Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a dense and stable product to walk onto, sit up/stand up and step down from giving your dog the confidence to move without the fear of falling over. Ideal for dogs who struggle to step up or jump up onto a cushion bed, the memory foam beds are thinner and much sturdier offering superior support. Memory foam is dust mite free, hypoallergenic, temperature cooling and moulds to the shape of the body assisting with canine arthritis pain management and eases blood flow around the tissues of muscles. Our pre-cut memory foam mattress is cut at 3″ high and, with the outer cover sits just a little above the frame of the crate to enable your dog to feel exactly where they need to place their paws. It can be flipped over to be used on either side and easily removed from the crate to use in another room, or on car on journeys etc.

memory foam dog crate sets

Can I wash the memory foam dog bed?

The memory foam pad itself is not a machine washable product and will require regular airing. However, as standard, we provide a removable internal mattress cover to protect the memory foam made with Corivan which is a breathable fabric and machine washable. This sits under your chosen outer cover which is also removable and machine washable.

orthopaedic dog bed
memory foam dog crate bed

Our memory foam dog crate sets come complete with the 2 door dog crate, a crate cover, bumper and of course the memory foam bed all in your choice of luxury fabrics.

Dog Crate Sets Made In The UK

Yes, all our designer dog crate sets are handmade here in the UK by our wonderful designers Hugo & Otto and Dog Company. They source the most luxurious and hardwearing fabrics that will turn your cold, unsightly dog crate into a stunning cosy dog den. Your dog will feel so safe and comfortable that they won’t want to leave their new palace!

luxury dog crate
dog crate set with memory foam bed

To shop our full range of dog crate sets, click here.

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