Luxury Dog Crates To Keep Your Dog Safe and Sound

by Chelsea Dogs
dog crate sets

Whether it’s for providing the perfect space for training new puppies, or to give your canine their very own house to sleep and lay down in, luxury dog crates are the ideal choice for any dog owner! Not only can crates help in keeping your pet confined to a single space, for training or obedience purposes, but it’ll also give them their own personal spot to relax and lounge in.

Crates provide the perfect comfort and privacy for your dog, especially when decorated with fabulous prints and accessories to make them all the more cosy and comfortable!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we provide beautiful luxurious accessories for dog crates, ranging from bumpers, to covers and entire sets and packs to decorate your crates and make them as homey as possible for your pet! We even have portable crates to transport your dog in! Check out the entire selection of dog crates, dog crate bumpers, covers and packs available at our store here, and design your very own unique crate for your lovely companion!

DogIt 2 Door Dog Crate

dogit dog crate
The ideal crate for training a puppies, this DogIt crate comes with two doors and an easily removable plastic base tray, making it easy to maintain and clean frequently. This wire crate is safe and durable, and is easy to assemble and put together. It is also easy to fold and stow away, making it convenient for storing when not in use. It comes in  five sizes.

Hugo & Otto Dog Crate Set in Little Tew

Little Tew Dog Crate Set

Looking for a way to make you crate unique and comfortable for your dog from the very start? Make sure to check out our crate sets which help you spice up any boring crate. This lovely Hugo & Otto crate set comes in a simple and stylish Little Tew fabric combination, making it modern and fashionable. The set comes with everything your canine might need to make their crate a perfect place to lounge, including a Dogit Dog Crate, a handmade crate cover and matching internal dog bed cushion and bumper. It comes in a range of sizes, making it ideal for all breeds.

Dog Company Dog Crate Set in Polperro

This lovely set by Dog Company in Polperro features a dusty pink linen fabric paired with a pink and white gingham fabric to add contrast. The internal bumper is reversible so you can decide which fabric to display. The bed has a cosy fleece on one side and the linen on the other so it’s perfect for all year round!

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