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chesterfield dog beds
Written by Reena Bakir

Give your dog a luxurious place to rest with this high quality Chesterfield dog beds. The ideal choice for big dogs or dogs that love their own personal big spaces, these dog beds offer a unique experience to normal beds, with their raised legs and marvelous traditional craftsmanship. Made from the finest materials, and coming in a range of beautiful opulent designs, these beds are guaranteed to pamper your pooch into the most relaxing and satisfying sleep ever!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a wide selection of high quality luxury Chesterfield dog beds coming in a range of designs, colors and materials to choose from! Find the perfect Chesterfield dog bed for your canine companion at our store here!

Lords and Labradors The Tetford Concept Regency Stripes Dog Chesterfield

This highly fashionable Tetford Concept Regency Stripes Chesterfield Bed by Lords and Labradors is stunning in its simplicity and style! With the smart regency stripe as a base, this bed is flexible in its look due to the ability to change design simply by slipping on another cover! The cushion itself comes with a waterproof inside to stop dog odor from seeping into the fabrics. The bed is available in three sizes, and is suitable for all types of breeds from small toy breeds and Chihuahuas to larger dogs such as Labradors and Dalmatians.

Scott’s of London Balmore Dog Chesterfield Snow White Faux Leather With Scott’s Black & White Fabric

This stunning Balmoral Chesterfields in Snow White exudes an aura of grandeur and richness.  Made from high quality faux leather and coming with a Scott’s black and white checkered fabric premium fill cushion, this designer sofa is created for comfort and style. The sofa is also customization to your and your dog’s needs, where you can choose the desired fill for the cushion, and whether you would prefer to add recess buttons for an extra touch of luxury. Designed to be long-lasting and durable, this is a guaranteed sofa for life!

Scott’s of London Balmoral Dog Chesterfield Truffle Crushed Velvet

In a beautiful crushed truffle soft velvet, this luxury chesterfield dog sofa is designed for ultimate comfort. Paired with a matching comfortable customization cushion, this bed guaranteed your dog’s satisfaction. With its raised edges, customization buttons and high legs, this sofa will make any dog feel like the king of the house! The bed can come in a range of sizes to fit dogs of all sizes – and number! Whether you’d like to get this sofa for your two toy dogs or for one big canine, you can be sure they’ll be barking happy with the result!

Lords and Labradors Tetford Dog Chesterfield Oxblood Leather

Combining a beautiful mixture of stunning high quality leather and soft sage tweed cushion, this chesterfield bed by Lords and Labradors shines with elegance. With its simple lined design, this dog bed is traditional yet modern, stylish yet effortless. The stunning quality of the Oxblood leather with the sheer comfort of the sage cushion is the ideal combination to give your dog one great nap! The bed comes in three sizes, allowing you to fit the smallest to the largest of your pets!

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Looking for more stunning luxury Chesterfield Dog Beds to pamper your spoiled canine? Check out the full collection of these high ends beds at our store here!

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