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Loyal Dog Tracks Down His Hospitalized Owner

Written by Alessia

Zander, a husky rescued by the Dolan family on Long Island, was a little confused and even a bit depressed when his owner was not home for a couple of days.  John Dolan was hospitalized with a skin condition, and his pooch was crying in his absence. He broke out of the family’s home and traced his owner’s scent to over two miles away (and over a four lane highway!) to the Good Samaritan Hospital in Bayshore. After the dog was found outside the hospital and brought home, he attempted a second visit a little while later. He just really missed his human! Zander is a great example of loyalty in a furry friend, and specifically, in a rescue dog. When you save a rescue dog’s life, they will be there for you. Luckily Zander’s owner is okay and back to hanging out with his pup.

Alessia xx

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