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Lords and Labradors Luxury Dog Products

Written by Reena Bakir

Experts in the field of dog bedding, Lords and Labradors produce high quality dog products ranging from their famous beds to crate packs and accessories, made from the finest materials and coming in the most luxurious of designs and prints! Established in 2013 in the United Kingdom, Lords and Labrador have since grown in name and recognition, with loyal customers in 17 different countries!

Check out our Lords and Labradors brand page to view all of their luxurious products available at our store, and read on to discover more about the brand and take a look at some of their best products!

About the Brand

Lords and LabradorsLords and Labradors provide high quality products to consumers internationally, and are renowned for their unique and top grade dog bedding! With beds for every occasion, from traditional Chesterfield beds to cosy and cuddly donut beds and convenient crate packs, Lords and Labradors have everything you need to provide your dog a restful sleep! Moreover, they also produce adorable dog accessories to spice up your pooch’s wardrobe!


Balmoral Heather Tweed Dog Bed

lords and labradors

This beautiful Balmoral dog bed in luxurious heather tweed features an earth brown base with raspberry pink and moss green over-checks. Stylish for any time of the year and fashionable for any house atmosphere, the warm earthy colors of this bed will add tenderness to any home! The bed is filled with extra deep hollow fibre filling for maximum comfort and comes in five sizes to fit any pooch!

Tetford Dog Chesterfield Oxblood Leather

One of the best-selling Chesterfield dog beds by Lords and Labradors, the Tetford is brought to life in this stunning oxblood leather with sage green tweed cushion. With its sleek simple lines and traditional yet modern non-button sides, this bed is the perfect addition to any home. The sage cushion is designed for comfort and the leather is easy to keep clean and maintain, it is available in three sizes.

Crate Packs

Crate Set in Taupe Multi Spot Oil Cloth

lords and labradors

This crate set has everything you need for your pup’s brand new crate! Coming in an adorable Taupe Multi Spot Oil Cloth, this soft fabric give the same den-dwelling experience and transforms your canine’s dull crate into a cosy place to relax. The crate set features two pull-up doors and comes with an Ellie Bo Dog Crate in the color of your choice, a handmade dog crate cover and and handmade matching internal dog bed cushion. It is available in a wide range of sizes, making it perfect for all breeds!

Crate Pack in Sophie Allport Labrador

lords and labradors

This exquisite crate pack features the very modern and beautiful Sophie Allport fabric, which features Sophie’s illustrations of adorable sitting and lying down black Labrador dogs with white spots. The fun print makes for a perfect addition to any un-decorated crate! This pack comes with an Elli Bo Dog crate, a handmade crate cover and matching internal cushion.


Sorbet Tweed Dog Bandana 

lords and labradors This stylish sorbet Tweed Bandana is part of Lords and Labradors gorgeous new range of luxury tweed Bandanas, giving your dog a stylish new addition to their wardrobe! This Sorbet Tweed comes with a feminine touch, featuring a baby blue tie and candy pink backing, making it an adorable Bandana or neckerchief!

There’s More

There’s many more lovely products by Lords and Labradors available at our store, so make sure to take a look at the full collection!

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