Labrador awarded for career in Border Force

Written by Bronwyn Hall

A nine year old Labrador named Tyke is to be awarded for his successful career in Border Force.

Border Force UK specialise in taking on enthusiastic, abandoned dogs and Tyke was taken on by them when he was just 11 months old. He was trained to detect products of animal origin in relation to health issues like foot and mouth disease and avian flu. He was later given additional training as a ‘Wildlife Detector’ and was able to sniff out live animals as well as products made from endangered species such as ivory, fur and tortoise.

Dog News

Dog News

Now Tyke is due to retire next year after serving with the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) enforcement team. Border Force Senior Officer, Grant Miller said, ‘Border Force has for many years recognised the benefit of using detector dogs to assist in securing the UK Border. Tyke has protected the UK from both public health risks but also in recent years he has helped fight the illegal wildlife trade. It is a fitting tribute for his years of service that his work is recognised today’

Dog News

Dog News

Tyke is due to receive his award at IFAW’s Animal Action Awards event which is hosted by TV wildlife presenter Bill Oddie.


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