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Joanie the Pit Bull Saved Chachi the Chihuahua

Written by Alessia

This is Joanie:


And this is Chachi:


Joanie the Pit Bull and Chachi the Chihuahua are the best of friends, even more so now that Joanie the Pit Bull saved Chachi the Chihuahua.


The pair of strays were found walking around a neighborhood in Savannah, Georgia last week. Joanie was carrying her friend in her mouth, putting him down every so often to lick his infected eye.


The cops that found the dogs brought them to the local animal shelter, where Chachi’s eye was operated on. Unfortunately they could not save his eye, but they did their best to make him good as new. When the dogs were reunited, they were aptly named Joanie and Chachi by the staff because of their inseparable and loving relationship.


Joanie and Chachi have their own Facebook page called “Joanie loves Chachi”, where pictures are posted up along with their story. They needed a new home, preferably together, and thanks to the Facebook page, they found one!



You can continue to follow Joanie and Chachi’s story on their Facebook page.

Alessia xx

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