Introducing Stagbar – The original, 100% natural antler dog chew toy and its benefits

by Alexandra Madani

We are delighted to introduce these fantastic Stagbar Antler Dog Chew Toys to our range of luxury dog toys.

Benefits of the Stagbar Antler Dog Chew Toys:

Stagbars last a very long time unlike many soft plush dog toys. Stagbar Antler dog toys wear down slowly with the grinding action of the dog’s teeth and saliva into tasty morsels.

Eventually, the dry marrow of the antler is exposed which becomes a lovely treat for the dog.

These Stagbar Antler Toys are even suitable for puppies and are a great toy to give them when they are teething.

Stagbars do not contain nylon, they are not an ‘empty’ chew, in fact they actually contain important minerals for your dog.

Stagbars clean the dog’s teeth as they grind on them

Stagbar Antler Chews are great for dogs with sensitive tummies

Stagbars are low in fat so they make the perfect toys for dogs who need to lose weight

They are 100% natural so there is no sign of additives or preservatives in these dog toys

Stagbars are perfect toys for mucky pups, leaving no stain or mess on the carpet and they are also very low in odour (to humans!)

These antler dog chew toys are effectively ‘raw’ so they retain all their goodness and safety

Not only are Stagbars great for cleaning teeth and keeping dogs busy, they contain a fantastic amount of minerals:
























Stagbars are one of the few long lasting dog toys you can buy. You may find that your dog leaves and goes back to it many times.
In the unlikely event that your dog doesn’t seem interested in it, rub it with sandpaper or a nail file.

You could also try smoothing a little bit of peanut butter or honey on it or soaking it in water in the refrigerator overnight.

Size Guide

Stagbar Antler Dog Chews are completely natural so they do vary in shape, thickness and colour.

It is important that your Stagbar is not too big so your dog cannot maneuver it and get his teeth around it. Similarly it is very important that your Stagbar is not too small for your dog as this may pose a risk of choking.


Make sure your dog is gnawing on the Stagbar and not trying to break it in half. Please do not hold the Stagbar for your dog as this may cause him to bear down on it. Leave it for him to work out how to enjoy it on his own. Do not leave Stagbars outside in the elements, where other creatures can get to them, to protect your dog’s health. Once the Stagbar has been worn down to a small enough size that your dog may swallow it, please take it away to avoid choking. Always supervise you dog when chewing on a Stagbar Antler Dog Toy

We have two Stagbar Antler Dog Chew Toys for you to choose from. First is the Stagbar Tug Chew Toy:

Stagbar Antler Tug Toy

A large Stagbar with natural, unbleached cotton rope. Designed to be a tug toy as well as having all the benefits of a large Stagbar, naturally shed deer antler. When your dog has finished playing tug with you, he can settle down to chew on the Stagbar.

Second, a Stagbar Multi Chew Toy £14:

Stagbar Antler Multi Dog Chew

Multi chew toys are made with one large Stagbar – naturally shed deer antler, a 3.5 inch chewy ring made from natural rubber, and unbleached cotton rope. Designed to give three different textures and hours of enjoyment.

Please note that both of these toys are recommended for medium-large breeds of dog and are not suitable for small or toy breeds.

And finally, do you want to see just how god these Stagbar Antler Dog Toys are?…


That’s one exhausted puppy!

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