Cuteness Overload

Husky Running Through a Pile of Leaves

Written by Alessia

Autumn has finally arrived, and I could not be happier. I am not a summer person – I prefer cool air to hot, boots to sandals, jackets to sweating in a sleeveless shirt. Lucas loves autumn too. He’s only experienced one so far, but I can tell that he remembers last fall because of the delight I can see in his eyes every time we go outside for a walk. He attacks every single leaf he encounters, which is hilarious when there are a million and one leaves around, and what’s more, is he stops to look around every time there is a crunching noise under his paw (which is obviously with every step). The husky running around in this video has taken autumn to the next level with a giant pile of leaves. His excitement is uncontainable and adorable, and makes me want to jump into a giant pile of leaves as well.

Alessia xx

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I'm Alessia, owner of a rottweiler/beagle mix named Lucas (aka Lucifer - you can put two and two together on why he gets that nickname). I love all things dogs and puppies, among many other things such as babies, coffee, and nail polish. I like to write a lot and take loads of pictures, so blogging is right up my alley. Look out for posts by me on this blog, as well as my personal blog.

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