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How to Wake Someone Up With a Dog and a Laser Pointer

Written by Alessia

Though I’ve never actually asked the question of how to wake someone up with a dog and a laser pointer, now that the question has been presented to me, all I want to do is share with the world this video on how to wake someone up with a dog and a laser pointer. It’s super simple and seriously genius, but having been on the other end of a wake up (minus the laser pointer) like this one, I know it’s not pretty. Little dog paws hurt and repeated blows to the chest, face, and stomach during these wake ups can cause trauma the whole day moving forward. But really, when it’s this funny, how can you not do it to every single person you ever see sleeping for the rest of your life?


Alessia xx

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I'm Alessia, owner of a rottweiler/beagle mix named Lucas (aka Lucifer - you can put two and two together on why he gets that nickname). I love all things dogs and puppies, among many other things such as babies, coffee, and nail polish. I like to write a lot and take loads of pictures, so blogging is right up my alley. Look out for posts by me on this blog, as well as my personal blog.

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