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How to Keep Your Dogs Warm in the Winter

Written by Alessia

In the winter, dogs of every age run into a few different issues with the cold weather. Achy joints are one of those issues, causing the dog some pain, so padded or heated beds can make them a little more comfortable.¬†Another option for dogs with achy joints in the winter is to use stairs or ramps to help your dog get into the car or up onto a high bed or couch that they commonly access. If you’re wondering how to keep your dogs warm in the winter even if they don’t seem to have any aches or pains, coats or jackets and boots for paws are essential in the cold weather to keep your pet insulated and warm. Just because they have fur doesn’t mean they’re hot like a furnace! They need to be kept dry and warm when being taken outside, especially in cold rain or snow. Make sure to keep your furry friends happy, healthy, and warm this winter!

Alessia xx

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