Hilarious Homeland Teaser (Puppy Style)

Written by Alessia

Ok, so last night in the US was the season finale of Homeland. I won’t say anything, other than the fact that I’m still a little bit shocked and in denial, but you’ll all catch my drift once it’s aired in the UK and everywhere else. While googling about the show to try and relieve some of my shock, I came across this dog parody of Homeland, called Boneland. This hilarious Homeland teaser features all of the characters we love, including Carrie, Saul, Quinn (oh my gosh, Quinn), and Brody. The only difference is that instead of people, the parts are played by adorable pooches who do such a cute rendition of Homeland it’s insane. I laughed out loud at the captions that completely encompassed all of the inside jokes between Homeland lovers, and at the way the dogs portrayed the characters. If you love Homeland, you have got to see this little video. Who’s your favorite doggy character?

Alessia xx

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