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Guide Dog Learned to Push the Traffic Crossing Button

Written by Alessia


This adorable story is just another item on the list of why dogs are the most awesome species out there. (Cats just don’t do this stuff!) Miller is a guide dog in Saxmundham, Suffolk in the UK to Charles Michaels, a blind man. This black labrador has gone above and beyond his typical training – the guide dog learned to push the traffic crossing button underneath the traffic lights for crossing pedestrians.


He then waits and helps his human cross the road safely. Charles is one lucky man, with a guide dog so intelligent as to go beyond his training of his own accord. The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association spoke out and said that the guide dogs are not specifically trained to push these buttons, or to even know what they are for, but guide dogs are very smart creatures. Miller, you’re awesome!


Alessia xx

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