Greyhound found at roadside may have been ‘fight bait’

Written by Bronwyn Hall

A severely injured Greyhound found at a roadside may have been used as ‘fight bait’, it has emerged. Warning: Graphic images.

The dog was found on a lane in Sunderland at the beginning of the week and was badly hurt with deep cuts, wounds and puncture marks. Those who found the animal – now named Bentley – reported that he was covered in dog food and was wearing a collar that had biscuits attached. This has led them to the belief that Bentley had been used as fight bait by a dog fighting ring.


Bentley. Photo by Chronicle Live

Bentley, courtesy of

Bentley, courtesy of

Once found, Bentley had emergency surgery at the King’s Road Veterinary Practice in Sunderland and is currently recuperating at the home of a volunteer.

Bentley after his operation.

Bentley after his operation.

Many were moved by seeing Bentley’s story online and over £1,500 was donated to pay for his care.

The Chronicle reported that local police found no evidence of a criminal offence. A Northumbria Police spokesman said ‘The dog has been treated and it is believed that no criminal offences have been committed.’

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