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Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

Written by Alessia

The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study at Morris Animal Foundation is a study being conducted to find out mostly health related trends in Goldens and try to get to the bottom of some of the ailments and conditions that these dogs develop over the course of their lifetime. Rockit, a three year old Golden Retriever is participating in this study with his owner Barbara, and together they have made a commitment to this research in the hopes that it will help Goldens of the future.

Barbara has owned GRs for over thirty years, the first of which, Barley, stole her heart and completely made her fall in love with the breed. Sadly, Barley was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at six, which he lived with for four years, and two of her other Goldens since have been diagnosed with cancer and passed away from it. All dogs in general have a one in two chance of getting cancer in their lifetime, but Goldens specifically have a 60% chance within their breed of developing cancer.


This study aims to follow 3,000 Golden Retriever dogs from the age of birth-two years and on for the rest of their lives. So far on their website for the study, 1,288 dogs have been signed up. If you have a Golden Retriever and are interested in giving back to the Golden community by participating in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, you can register your dog here, and find out more information here.

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