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Getting A Puppy? You’ll Want One Of Our Dog Crate Covers

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Written by Reena Bakir

Your dog’s crate is much more important than simply a cage to sit and sleep in, its practically their bedroom! Keep your dog feeling cosy, satisfied and luxurious when sitting in their room, and what better way to do that than with our selection of luxury dog crate covers!

We have a great selection of dog crate covers, coming in many prints and designs to appeal to all dogs! Give your dog the special luxury treatment they deserve by investing in one of these crate covers, and keep them as excited to sit in their crate as they would in any room of the house!

We’ve picked out a list of some of our favourite crate covers, but there’s still a wide range of designs, colours and prints available at our store!

Dog Crate Cover In Duck Egg Oil Cloth by Lords and Labradors

dog crate cover in duck egg spot oil cloth
This duck egg oil cloth will transform your dog’s dull crate into a cosy retreat, making it their favourite place in the whole house! With the fun polka-dot print, this design suits all dogs and fits onto Ellie-bo Dog Crates in sizes small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large. The oil cloth is very hygienic and can be easily wiped and cleaned, making it all more practical!

Lords and Labradors Crate Pack in Sophie Allport Labrador

luxury dog crate cover in Sophie allport Labrador

This luxury crate cover pack made in the gorgeous new Sophie Allport Labrador fabric features cute illustrations of dogs sitting, sniffing and lying down on a soft beige background, which add an adorable touch to your dog’s crate! The crates can also come in black, gold or silver and come in a range of sizes from small to extra, extra large. The pack includes an Ellie Bo Dog Crate with its very own crate cover and matching internal dog bed cushion to offer your pet the utmost level of comfort which they deserve!

Lords and Labradors Dog Crate In Thane Of Fife Tweed

tweed dog crate cover at Chelsea dogs

Give your dog the perfect place to rest with this adorable purple and moss green tartan fabric which is soft touch and extremely comfortable for your sleepy pooch to relax on! This luxurious set comes with an Ellie Bo Dog Crate, and handmade crate covers and cushions to keep your pet warm, safe and satisfied in the time spent inside their crates, and comes in a range of sizes to suit your dog! Your dog’s crate will no longer feel dull or empty with this fabulous addition!

Dog Crate Cover in Regency Stripe By Lords and Labradors

striped luxury dog crate covers

This regency stripe dog crate design is stunning in its simplicity, and will transform any dog crate into a comfortable and stylish retreat! Your dog will love spending time here within the cosy interior of the crate cover, watching the world from their luxurious bed! Both contemporary and traditional, the design of this crate will fit anywhere in your house and will add a stylish touch to your furniture!

There’s more!

If you’re still looking for more crate covers and sets coming in a range of fabulous designs and colours and made from the highest luxury quality to keep your pet comfortable and stylish, check out our store for our wide selection of dog crate covers and sets!

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Reena Bakir

Reena Bakir is a passionate student, writer and animal lover who is a regular contributor to Chelsea Dogs.

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