Get organised with your dog this year

Written by Bronwyn Hall

If you’re anything like me, you aspire for consistent organisation but sometimes fall short. It can be very frustrating but there’s nothing like a new year to inspire a new you…at least that’s what people say.

So if ‘dry January’, taking out a gym membership or making fluorescent green smoothies are a bit too ‘out there’ for your resolution, fear not. I have concocted a fool-proof plan to get the canine compartment of your life in full, working order!

Consider making a timetable-rota-type thing to note down all of your dog based responsibilities. Take into account feeding times, walking times, vets appointments, training classes etc. If you’ve written down that your dog is walked from 7am-8am everyday then you’re more likely to do it.

Organise your dog-cupboard (everyone else has one of these…right?). Invest in some gorgeous new treat jars or dog kibble containers. Depending on how many treats you tend to keep in your cupboard, you might consider leaving a gorgeous smelling lavender heart in there to keep it smelling fresh.


Commit an area of the hallway or utility room to keep your dog’s lead and any outdoor clothing that they wear. This way when Rover asks for walkies and it’s a little rainy outside you’ll have everything right where you need it. Consider putting up some designated hooks to make it even more clutter-free.

Trying these small but effective steps are sure to organise at least one part of your life. Maybe we can move on to the smoothies next year…

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Bronwyn Hall

Somebody once called me a fairy dogmother but most people call me a crazy dog lady.

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