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German Shepherd Cute Head Tilting

I don’t get humans sometimes. They go all soppy when we tilt our heads in an attempt to understand something they are saying to us, it’s like they don’t make funny faces when they are trying to understand something! Anyway, this absolutely beautiful German Shepherd has got the head tilt down pat. The german shepherd cute head tilting is all caused by his owner playing some strange noises on his phone. For me, it’s the ears that do it. One floppy and one perked, it’s just too much! When I showed this video to my humans they couldn’t stop awwing and then had to come and give me a big cuddle! I’m not complaining, they’re easy to please!

Woof Woof, Theodore x

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Hi, i'm Theodore - Top Dog at Chelsea Dogs! I am one lucky black Labrador that gets to try, taste and sample lots of amazing doggy accessories for my humans. Only if I give the paw of approval will they appear on our wonderful dog boutique site. My favourite toy is by far a tennis ball and my favourite things to sample are of course anything edible! I also surf the net in search of amazing funny or cute videos that I love to share with you all on this blog. I also give out some very good doggy advice! x