Formally Abused Dog is Rescued and Found a Family

Written by Alessia

Stories like this really get me. Ralph was a dog who was abandoned and abused. He slept on a pile of garbage in a park every night. Animals can be really strong beings, but sometimes they’re helpless and don’t even realize that what they need might look like something they’re afraid of. After a few trials, Eldad, an animal rescue professional, was able to successfully rescue Ralph.Eventually Ralph trusted the humans around him enough to be pet, and three months later, adopted. Though this video might seem a little drawn out, it’s raw and truthful. Dogs can be one of the most trustworthy animals, but as soon as their trust is broken they become seemingly obnoxious animals and it’s easy to give up on them because of that. With organizations like Hope For Paws, and people like Eldad, abused and abandoned dogs can be rescued every day and become a part of a family that will love them and treat them right. Consider reading about Hope For Paws on their website for more information about how you could help organizations like this help dogs like Ralph find families and be dogs again.

Alessia xx

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