Five funniest ‘Beware Of Dog’ signs

Written by Bronwyn Hall

While many of us will be familiar with the standard selection of ‘Beware Of Dog’ signs that you see out and about, there is a new range that double up as humorous warnings. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!

Here are five of the funniest signs to warn you about the dog on site:

1. This armed, dangerous and on medication sign

beware of dog

2. This honest depiction of both pets in the household

beware of dog


3. The says-it-all sign

beware of dog

The Meta Picture

4. This ominous challenge

beware of dog

5. And, of course, this sign for dogs that would only lick you to death

beware of dog


So now that you have seen my top five funniest signs, which do you think would suit your dog best? Or maybe you’d like to make your own sign? And don’t forget, we offer a range of delightfully humorous (and a little less threatening) signs at Chelsea Dogs. Shop the full range here.

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Somebody once called me a fairy dogmother but most people call me a crazy dog lady.

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