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Double Dog Leads

Written by Melissa Keen

Do you have more than one pooch? It can be frustrating to walk as part of a pack, particularly when lead training. It can feel as though two hands just aren’t enough when you’re juggling multiple leads, and the frustration and effort can ruin a beautiful walk. The worry of dropping a lead or becoming entangled is constant, as is the possibility of causing an injury or, at the very least, discomfort.

Fortunately, there are products which are made especially for a multiple dog owner! A double dog lead, aka a split lead, is a handy little device which enables you to attach two pups to a single lead. It’s important you have the right equipment for the job as the last thing you want to do it cause yourself or your pooch an injury.

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have two fantastic double leads that will not only be safe and comfortable but will also look stylish, too! Whether you’re a dog owner or professional dog walker, these double dog leads are ideal for walking multiple dogs at any one time.

Luxury Leather Split Dog Lead Couplers by Dogs & Horses

This Dogs & Horses luxury leather lead is ideal both practical and chic. The coupler has two separate straps which connect to an O-ring, which then attaches to your lead.

The cord is made from racing rope (the same rope used by yachtsmen), meaning it won’t rot when it gets wet (ideal for rainy days!)

It also has a breakpoint of 100kg+, so there’ll be no trouble walking multiple dogs whatever their sizes! Choose from multiple colours for a customised look.

Ancol Bungee Shock Absorber Couple Twin Dog Lead

Ideal for dogs that pull, this Ancol Bungee Shock Absorber double lead has two springs which means that, if one or both dogs start to pull, the load will be cushioned. This makes it ideal if your dog tends to pull on the lead, or if your dogs are big! It’s designed to work with any collar or lead combination, meaning you don’t have to worry about using items you already have.

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