Dog With Two Noses Finally Found a Forever Home

Written by Alessia

Snuffles, a dog with two noses finally found a forever home after being rejected by four owners in his short five month life. His rare birth defect, giving him two functioning noses that can move independently, seems to be what was putting them off, though I can’t see anything that would put anyone off of this adorable Belgian Shepherd!



Snuffles’ photo went viral after the rejections, and the shelter in Scotland that was caring for him received almost one hundred messages and calls from around Britain, the United States, and South Africa that wanted to adopt him. Not only that, the centre holding him reported that people started showing up ready to adopt him on the spot.



They had to make sure that they chose a great home for this amazing little (big) guy, so after seeing him bond with his now new owner after going on a walk, they were pretty sure they found the perfect owner for Snuffles. His new owner said that Snuffles is perfect and everything that he was looking for.


We’re so happy for Snuffles and hope that he has the wonderful life that he deserves!

Alessia xx

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