Dog Tugs A Little Boy To Shore

Written by Alessia

As if dogs aren’t cool enough in the variety of ways they can be trained to service humans, this video proves that even non trained dogs can be “coast guard” dogs when this dog tugs a little boy to shore. Though the title of this video claims it’s a coast guard dog, I would guess that due to the funny music and the family laughing in the background, taping the whole thing that he probably is just a regular dog*. A little boy in a life vest seems to have trouble swimming, so a pooch comes to his rescue by grabbing the life vest with his teeth and tugging the little boy closer and closer to shore. Not to mention how hilariously he finally pulls him onto shore, still clinging to the life vest while he yanks him up further onto the sand.

*though I could be (read: probably am) wrong, I would just rather believe this is a family dog with no training to make my point about how cool dogs are even when they’re not trained to do something.

Alessia xx

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