Dog Stuck In The Couch

Written by Alessia

While this may be one of the shortest videos I’ve ever posted, it could quite possibly be one of the funniest. It’s six seconds (originally a Vine video) of pure chihuahua stuck in between the couch and the ottoman and it’s brilliant. The owner of the dog and the filmmaker of the video wrote, “Came home to my dog stuck between the sofa”. Pure and simple. And like a good dog owner, he filmed his dog’s major fail and misfortune for the rest of the world’s benefit. I’m sure his pooch is fine now and has found a way to get all four paws back on the ground, so with that in mind, I will continue to watch this short Vine video of this adorable dog stuck in the couch over and over again to make my Thursday seem a little less dull.

p.s. the face turn and slight eye roll at the end is everything. I would find it hard to believe that anyone could disagree with that.


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