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Dog Saved the Life of a Newborn Kitten

Written by Alessia

Last August, James Rhode was taking his partner’s dog for a walk in their neighborhood in Ontario, Canada, and the pup Opie heard a squeaky noise in the bushes. The dog saved the life of a newborn kitten, Roscoe, who was alone and pinned under a log. Opie whined at Rhode until he wrapped the kitten in his shirt and they brought him inside. They brought Roscoe to the emergency vet and he was treated, so they brought him home to Opie’s owner, Lia Spilka.


Opie and Roscoe became fast friends and Spilka says a year later the two are like brothers. They are going to be celebrating Roscoe’s first birthday soon, and thanks to Opie he will hopefully have many more birthdays. Spilka says of the pair, “living with them makes life feel complete…just watching them grow to love and care for each other is a wonderful experience.”


We suppose cats and dogs can be best friends after all.

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