Dog Licking The Camera

Written by Alessia

This short video accurately depicts the exact thing that happens when I try to take a cute video of Lucas. I can’t be the only one (especially as there’s video proof right here, but besides this pug’s owner) who whips out a camera to take a picture of my dog doing something adorable, or a video of him chasing his tail, and as soon as he sees the camera or my phone, he runs right up to it an licks it. Normally I delete these videos because they gross me out and it annoys me that he can’t ignore the camera and just keep doing his puppy thing, but obviously I can get a lot of youtube hits if I put one up online. And if this little video isn’t enough for you, there’s a screensaver version of it available for free download. Very specific, but hey, you can market anything these days.

Alessia xx

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I'm Alessia, owner of a rottweiler/beagle mix named Lucas (aka Lucifer - you can put two and two together on why he gets that nickname). I love all things dogs and puppies, among many other things such as babies, coffee, and nail polish. I like to write a lot and take loads of pictures, so blogging is right up my alley. Look out for posts by me on this blog, as well as my personal blog.