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Dog Acts Like A Car | Volkswagen Commercial

I watch a lot of TV, probably more than the average canine. My humans comment all the time on how they don’t understand how I could lay on the bed and watch soap operas all night. I guess I take after my human mom that way. With that said though, I have never seen this commercial until now! It’s like a new awakening. This VW commercial features a dog acting like a car, which if you ask me is pretty stinkin’ cool! I wish I could make car noises, then whenever I bump into the gate blocking the stairs I could make an alarm noise to alert my humans that I have crashed into it and they should move it for my safety (and so that I can go find something in the kitchen to munch on).


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I'm a lean little pup from New York with a passion for shoes, napkins, and peanut butter. I like causing trouble, and I get away with it because, well look at me, I'm adorable. My humans are constantly screaming my name followed by "drop it" (this is when I know they want to see my best dance moves, so I chase my tail), or "be quiet" (they try to help me with my spying abilities as much as possible when I'm peeking out the window staring at our neighbors). I love making my humans chase me, and hanging out with all of my friends in the neighborhood. I am constantly checking my twitter while my humans are out at work, so say hi to me there!

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