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Designer Dog Crate Spare Covers

dog crate spare covers
Written by Reena Bakir

Make your empty dog crate instantly more fashionable and welcoming to any dogs with these dog crate spare covers. The easily attachable covers can be fixed onto any crate and switched regularly for washing or spicing things up by replacing it with another cover!

Handmade in the UK, these lovely crate covers are sure to create a relaxing den for your dog to get their beauty sleep in, or just catch up on a quick nap! By covering the bland metal outside of the crate, these spare covers add a modish touch and make the crate even more inviting. Here’s a list of some of our favourite dog crate spare covers, taken from the wide variety of fabrics and designs available at our store here.

Dog Crate Spare Covers in Regency Stripe

luxury dog crate spare cover

This Lords and Labradors Dog Crate Spare Cover in a classic regency stripe is bound to make any crate look all the more stylish and cool! The cover is made to fit the Ellie Bo Dog Crates, and comes in a range of sizes to make it easier to find your fit. This handmade crate cover will transform your dog’s crate into a lovely cosy retreat!

Dog Crate Spare Cover in Duck Egg Oil Cloth

designer dog crate covers

With its chic Duck Egg Spot Oil design, this Lords and Labradors dog crate spare cover is the perfect touch to make an empty crate look lively and fun! The oilcloth covers give crates a cosy den-like dwelling experience and are extremely hygienic with their ability to simply be wiped down clean, making them practical and comfortable!

Dog Crate Cover in Cairngorm Tweed

tweed crate covers for dogs

Coming in a stylish classical grey and beige cairngorm tweed print, this dog crate cover by Lords and Labraors will keep your crates snuggly and warm while also keeping it trendy and fashionable enough to fit into any home environment! The Cairnbgorm Tweed fabric is crafted from from a soft touch, muted fabric which will look lovely in any home.

Dog Crate Cover in Cosmopolitan Dog Oil Cloth

oil cloth dog crate cover

This adorable oil cloth crate cover features prints of dogs playing over a beige biscuit background. The crate cover is completely hand made and features two roll-up doors fastened to wooden toggles. With its hygenic and practical fabric, this crate cover is bound to make your dog crates welcoming and homey to any small puppy or big dog!

Personalised Crate Covers and Dog Beds

personalised dog crate covers

These stunning crate covers in beautiful a range of stles and designs can be customised and personalised to your liking! Choose from your favourite fabrics and add your dog’s name to turn your crate into a beautiful and special doggy den! The crate covers are entirely handmade from high quality fabrics that come with waterproof liners that fit under the outer cover as a standard to protect the filling.

Looking for more?

Looking for more adorable spare covers for your dog’s crate? Take a look at the full collection on our site here, and match them with adorable dog crate bumper sets and dog beds to create a complete look for your dog’s special doggy den!


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Reena Bakir is a passionate student, writer and animal lover who is a regular contributor to Chelsea Dogs.