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dog crate beds
Written by Reena Bakir

Your dog’s personal crate isn’t complete without their very own bed to keep them comfortable during their naps! Make your dog’s den snugger and cosier with these comfortable dog crate beds, coming in a range of designs and styles, from cosy to waterproof, to make any dog feel happy!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we offer a wide selection of dog crate beds and mats which go perfectly well with our designer dog crate bumpers and covers to create your very own luxury dog den!

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P.L.A.Y Chill Pad Dog Bed

blue dog crate beds

These pads are perfect for your dog to chill and lay around on, and is also designed to fit within all dog crates to keep your dog comfy while they sleep in their dens! These pads are light and durable, making them easy to move around and use for a wide range of purposes and in different places. The pad is filled with a perfect amount of of high-loft Planetfill filler to make it comfortable and comes in three colours of red, green and blue!

Rectangular Dog Crate Cushion Pads

dog crate beds uk

This versatile & practical dog bed comes in an array of different designs, from solid colours to a pawprints pattern. Covered in soft hard-wearing Thermal Sherpa Fleece on both sides, the material is designed to keep dogs warm and insulated during their sleep. The bed comes in a range of sizes to fit any dog crate perfectly, and can be machine-washable!

Newton Moss Cage Mattress by Danish Design

danish design dog crate matThis dog crate bed is definitely going to bring a touch of countryside to your home! Designed specifically to fit inside dog crates, these beds give ultimate comfort and satisfaction to any dog sleeping (or playing) on them! Inspired by the colours of the woodlands of Britain, these Newton Moss beds are tastefully traditional and bring style to any home! Manufactured from durable hard wearing fabric, the mat will stay in good condition for many years to come!

Country Green Waterproof Cage Mattress

waterproof dog crate bedThis wonderful Country Green mattress from Danish Design is a practical solution for all types of dogs! With its waterproof fabric that can be swiped clean with a damp cloth, this mattress makes cleaning a breeze even with muddy paws and fur! The mattress is designed specifically to fit inside dog crates, but can also be moved around to wherever location you see most fit!

Woodland Stag Cage Mattress

danish design dog crate bedThis adorable Woodland Stags mattress features an iconic and quirky print, inspired by the British countryside. The stag is printed on a midnight blue background, reflecting the peaceful colours of the forest night. Made from 100% cotton fabric, the mattress is built for comfort and cosiness and is designed precisely to fit inside dog crates.

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